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Your student-athlete needs me

I know that's a bold statement but hear me out. The last two years have been a challenge for just about any human being. As an adult, I’ve struggled with isolation and fear of the unknown. I can’t imagine having to navigate all these changes as a teen or young adult. I hear and feel all the angst, frustration and anxiety when coaching my clients.

In the last two years, student-athletes have gone from “their normal routine” to:

  • not being able to see their friends,

  • having to either attend school online or in-person with masks and,

  • not being able to practice and compete in the sport they love

As adults we are conditioned to just “suck it up” and keep moving. This is unfortunate for two reasons: 1) doing so causes feelings and concerns go unaddressed, and 2) we pass that same thought process onto our kids.

Competitive teams practice every day. Athletes and coaches will work on specific skills for hours to improve performance. Coaches also want their players to possess mental toughness. They expect players to have a winning mindset, but oftentimes athletes never learn how to BUILD that mindset. This is exactly why your student-athlete needs me. In our sessions we work to build a champion mindset by:

Creating awareness around stressors and influencers

  • Setting empowering and achievable goals

  • Learning to manage their time effectively

  • Letting go of fears and performance anxiety

  • Shifting energy from negative to positive

  • Reframing negative thoughts and beliefs

If your student-athlete is battling the pressure of juggling school, sports and social activities, I’d love to chat with you!

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