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Time management is something that has been quite a struggle for me being in college, working and trying to balance all of that with the rest of life.  Working with Shanna made effective time management something that I could actually see myself achieving.  From making goals, talking about limitations and creating steps of action, I was able to change the way that I view time management and better my life in many areas.

Julia I. 

Working with Shanna was amazing.  I had previously set goals but never followed through to achieve them.  During our first session, Shanna helped me claim ownership of those goals and supported me in staying on track.  She worked alongside of me to not only see the end result but the way to get there. Through our time together I was able to recognize the self-sabotage that was keeping me from success.  Shanna has encouraged me to face those negative thoughts head on and give them a big ‘Get the HECK out of my way’!  I now have mental clarity around executing goals.  My self-worth has increased and I feel that future is not just bright, but achievable.

Libby H.

I’m new to the idea of life coaching, so I was skeptical at first, but Shanna really helped me get a clearer picture of what it is I needed to do to take that next big leap in my life.  I’ve had an idea stewing in my mind for a few years now and her motivational questions and encouragement were exactly what I needed to hear.  I highly recommend talking to Shanna if you’re feeling stuck in life, if you need a little encouragement or a new direction.  I feel more confident in myself and my future than I have in years.  Thank you Shanna!” 

Carrie E.

As a mother, it can be challenging to find support for your children.  As teens learn to navigate college, jobs, dreams and prepare to leave the nest, things can be overwhelming!  Shanna was the PERFECT fit for my daughter.  She was genuine, enthusiastic and so easy to connect with.  Working with Shanna, my teen found comfort, inspiration and peace that allows her to continue taking on the world.”

Amber N.

In my past career as a valuation analyst on Wall Street and currently as a risk manager, I was fortunate enough to have met and worked with several talented like coach/professional development professionals.  However, they never provided as much value to me as I received from Shanna.  She is unlike any like coach out there.  She listened to my professional and personal concerns, asked articulate and thought-provoking questions to get more information out of me and then had me look at my concerns in a completely different way that blew my mind.  I was able to take our conversations, apply what we spoke of and have seen remarkable improvement in my professional and personal life in a matter of a month.  I have no doubt Shanna can do the same for you.

Kishan M.

Shanna helped me through one of the lowest points in my life.  I had lost my job of 12 years, had a newborn, was in the middle of a pandemic and ultimately made the decision to sell my house and move closer to family to avoid any financial issues.  At the time everything felt so negative, she helped me see everything that was happening in a more positive light and helped develop a plan for moving forward instead of dwelling on feeling lost.  It was so refreshing talking to someone who had a non-biased opinion who could help me navigate the chaos.

Laci B.

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