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the competitive edge playbook program

Through this program, my ultimate goal is to provide emotional and mental SAFeTy for the student-athletes to explore all the challenges they face(such as performance anxiety, fear of failure and perfectionism) and provide space for them to build confidence, challenge limiting beliefs and create awareness around their energetic presence.

For individual coaching, I offer 3 and 6 month packages (10 and 18 sessions respectively).  Within the package structure, the goal is to meet once a week for 60 minutes.  Between sessions, I am fully accessible to my student-athletes through text, email and Voxer.  I also like to check with parents/coaches every 1-2 weeks.  Our sessions are completely confidential so I don’t discuss specifics of our conversations (unless I feel your athlete is in immediate danger) but I provide what we are working on and I always welcome feedback.  I love to hear how your athlete is improving as well as any areas of development we can focus on. 


I start every program with what’s called a Competitive Edge Assessment and debrief.   This assessment is an attitudinal assessment, which is based on an energy/action model. This assessment differs from personality assessments in that it's not intended to label you as one personality type or another. Instead, it measures your current level of energy based on your perception of the world.  Student-athletes really love this assessment because it helps them create awareness around how their current perceptions help/hinder their ability to focus and compete.


Sleep: this is something I wish I had paid more attention to in high school and even in college.  We discuss the importance of a good night’s sleep, ways to set up a bedtime routine that includes daily reflection, tips and tricks to optimize restful sleep by ending the day with positive thoughts and gratitude.  We get into the science behind effective sleep and the impact a lack of sleep can have on your brain and body.

Nutrition/Intuitive Eating: I have partnered with an holistic dietician to provide detailed information and instruction into healthy eating habits specifically for student-athletes.  As teens and young women compete, it is not only important to feed your body with foods that optimize performance but it’s also crucial to pay attention to what your body needs and is craving. 

Feeling Safe/Setting Boundaries/Talk: it is my mission to provide a safe space for athletes to talk about anything they choose to free from judgment.  When we learn to be vulnerable, have tough conversations and create healthy boundaries it can build confidence, self-control and we are able to handle difficult situations with a clear mind and minimize emotional reactivity. 


Goal Setting

Competing at the next Level


Rules & Regulations


We discuss what the student-athletes wants for their future.  If itthat is to continue competing, I provide tips and strategies for being actively recruited.  This can also tie back into goal setting and visualization. 

I can provide rules and regulations for every level of college play (NJCAA, NIAA, NCAA divisions 1-3)


Mental Fitness: I provide and model mental fitness exercises that can be used in any situation (practice, competition, while taking a test, etc.).  These tools help train your brain to focus better, think clearer and re-regulate your emotional state if needed.

Visualization/Meditation/Journaling: I am a big fan of visualization.  I often have my athletes do a vision board for the year and I have some fun tools to help them focus on what they want for their season, academics, social life, etc.  If you can’t see a goal, it can be difficult to achieve it.   I also provide sport specific guided meditations and discuss the impact a daily meditation practice can have in their lives.  I am also a big believer of journaling.  Studies show that when we can get negative thoughts out of our head and onto paper it can positively impact our outlook.

Performance Anxiety/Pressure: there are several layers to performance anxiety and pressure which can range from fear of failing, perfectionism, fear of judgement, etc.  We break down the thoughts and negative self-talk rumbling around in our minds not only during competition but throughout the day.  The goal is to turn these negative thoughts into more empowering ones, which in turn create positive feelings such as confidence, motivation, empowerment and bravery.


Building trust with the team

Crucial conversations with coaching staff, etc.

We discuss and provide tools to effectively manage crucial conversations between teammates and coaches
Build trust between teammates and trusting your role on the team


other ways to work with me

I offer 3 and 6-month coaching packages.  After an initial discovery call, I work with both the

student-athlete and parents to provide the best option to fit the needs of clients.



We start with an assessment and debrief of the Energy Leadership Index, or ELI.  This assessment can be powerful as it reflects how a person “shows up” energetically.  Through the debrief we will discuss where you spend most of your energy, strengths and areas of development.  We will also work together one-on-one to focus on time management, mindset, leadership skills and confidence.  The goal is to create balance within all aspects of your life academically, socially and athletically. 



A 6-month commitment including 60 minute private coaching sessions, ELI Assessment, various workshops, resources and unlimited access to Shanna via Voxer.


This immersive package is designed for student-athletes that are committed to building their mental fitness with the same passion they use to build their physical fitness.



I will meet with your team/group to build trust, safety and confidence.  We will work together on team dynamics, energy levels and how functioning as one unit can elevate your success.

interested in booking a speaking engagement?

I always welcome the opportunity to speak at team functions, banquets, workshops, sporting events and/or camps.  There are several topics I speak on or we can work together to create content specifically around your team or event. 

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