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be a bucket filler!

When I started the journey to become a life coach, I began seeking out every successful coach I could find to study them, their approach, etc. I read, absorbed and reached out to several coaches to pick their brains. I thought CONSTANTLY about the coach I wanted to be (I still do this, by the way). Like, I completely dove in and immersed myself!

Then something funny happened. I completed my first module of training in July and was ON FIRE for this career path! I began using the tools I learned in my everyday life, not just when I was coaching clients. As I began really paying attention to the words I was saying and my mindset each day I quickly realized that; unbeknownst to me, I was already LIVING with the best life coach. It just so happens to be my 6 ½ year old daughter, Reagan.

Holy crap you guys. As we would talk about her days at school, she would tell me that her teacher challenges the class each day to be “bucket fillers.” When I asked Reagan to describe what a bucket filler was, she gave me the following explanation: “Think of holding a bucket on top of your head and the stuff in that bucket are words and actions to help you get through the day. If your bucket is full of kind words then you feel good about yourself, if your bucket is empty then you probably feel sad or lonely. Plus mom, if you choose to fill someone else’s bucket, you literally fill your bucket too because it feels good to be nice to others.”

So, in order to fill someone’s bucket, you consciously provide kindness and positivity to that person. At first, I thought this was just a cute way to explain to younger kids how powerful words and actions can be but I quickly realized Reagan takes this job very seriously. Reagan LOVES to be a bucket filler. She enjoys helping others, playing with kids that are alone on the playground and she loves to share compliments and kind words to others. When I observe her playing with her friends or talking to people, I see the moments where she is consciously making an effort to fill buckets.

We have the choice each day to be a bucket filler. How awesome does it feel to receive a compliment or recognition for a job well done?! In turn, how does it feel when you SHARE positivity or kind words to someone else and see their response? Reagan chooses to be a bucket filler because it makes her feel good to help others. It fills her bucket too. The concept is so simple but so sweet and empowering.

This week I challenge you to be a bucket filler. The best (and littlest) life coach I know makes this practice a priority in her life and if we all incorporated this into our daily lives, imagine how full the buckets would be!!

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