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Being a parent today is tough and having an elite student-athlete adds a special layer of challenges as well!  As a former elite athlete, I understand the pressure that comes with performance in the classroom and on the field/in the gym.  As a parent, I understand the fierce love we have for our children and the desire to set them up for success!  For these reasons, I am passionate about working these amazing young athletes and providing the tools that set them up to succeed in all aspects of life. These are tools I wish I learned much earlier in life like time management, goal setting, building a champion mindset and how we speak to ourselves. 

When I work with your child, I will create a safe space and build trust.  Our sessions are 100% confidential.  As your child’s coach, I strive to maintain transparency and will keep you updated on our work together.  I also welcome your feedback, I love to hear how well your child is doing and the changes you see taking place.

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