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tough. fierce. driven.

I know firsthand how challenging it is to juggle sports, academics and a social life.  At an early age, it became clear that I was going to be an elite athlete.  I started playing and fell completely in love with basketball at the age of 10.  I began playing on AAU teams at 11, I was invited to my first premiere camp at 13 and received my first scholarship offer at 14.  By the time I was a junior in high school, I had my pick of several full scholarship offers from Division I schools.  At the time, the toughest women’s basketball conference was the SEC.  I wanted a chance to compete against the toughest so I accepted a full athletic scholarship to the University of Arkansas where I played 4 years. 

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As much as I loved basketball, I often felt so much pressure to perform perfectly whenever I was playing.  And the pressure I put on myself to perform perfectly!?  WHOA.  I even carried that weight into the classroom, I needed to have perfect grades as well.  I thrived in a competitive environment and learned valuable lessons about teamwork, leadership and reaching goals.  As I began to transition from sports and school to the real world, I quickly began to realize there were several skills and habits I wish I would have learned years before.

As a life and performance coach, introducing and implementing these skills to student-athletes has become my passion.  No matter what arena you’ve stepped in it is important to feel heard and understood.  Through our sessions, I will create a safe space where we can discuss all the issues facing today’s athlete as well as learn important skills such as time management, goal-setting (and smashing 😊), confidence building and mindset.

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