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the competitive edge playbook methodology

I offer 3 and 6-month coaching packages.  After an initial discovery call, I work with both the

student-athlete and parents to provide the best option to fit the needs of clients.

interested in booking a speaking engagement?

I always welcome the opportunity to speak at team functions, banquets, workshops, sporting events and/or camps.  There are several topics I speak on or we can work together to create content specifically around your team or event. 

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We start with an assessment and debrief of the Energy Leadership Index, or ELI.  This assessment can be powerful as it reflects how a person “shows up” energetically.  Through the debrief we will discuss where you spend most of your energy, strengths and areas of development.  We will also work together one-on-one to focus on time management, mindset, leadership skills and confidence.  The goal is to create balance within all aspects of your life academically, socially and athletically. 



A 6-month commitment including 60 minute private coaching sessions, ELI Assessment, various workshops, resources and unlimited access to Shanna via Voxer.


This package is designed for student athletes who ...  



I will meet with your team/group to build trust, safety and confidence.  We will work together on team dynamics, energy levels and how functioning as one unit can elevate your success.

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